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Pets and Helping Dogs, LLC (PHD) Affiliates are dog training professionals operating under their own company structure who have received special training and permission to teach PHD curricula. They are in good standing with PHD Ethical Requirements. Affiliates are not PHD employees or contractors.  

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Would you like to be an Affiliate or otherwise receive professional mentorship and/or consultation services from PHD?  Contact PHD  to learn more! 

Directory of Affiliates in Good Standing

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Cheryl Lee

Trained to Serve Canine Academy

El Paso, TX

Cheryl has been a PHD Affiliate Instructor since October 2019. She teaches PHD Service Dog and Emotional Support Dog programs as well as general canine training and socialization classes for dogs of all ages.


Cheryl also has a board-and-train puppy program and a canine boarding business.


Her website is:

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