Choosing the right gear for your pet or working dog is essential. PHD has testing this gear extensively in the field. When possible, we sell gear that is locally-made. 


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Leashes and Nose Halters


This 1/2" wide leash is specially-made for PHD instruction using the nose halter. This is the recommended leash for Service Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs. Colors vary depending on availability: black, blue, green, or brown. Let us know your preference. 

Price: $19.95 + tax. 


This 10 feet, 1" wide leash is used in some PHD programs for obedience training for dogs of all ages. This is the recommended tool for most clients in contrast to a flexi-lead (retractable leash). Color: black.

Price: $19.95 + tax.


This 4' or 6' leash is used in some PHD programs where the precision and control of the nose halter is not needed. This type of slip lead has a special leather tab that can be adjusted to turn the slip end of the leash into a type of collar. Colors may vary depending on availability: green, blue, red, black. Let us know your preference. 

Price: $19.95 + tax.


The nose halter facilitates precise communication and gentle yet effective control. PHD will size and fit the nose halter to your dog at session. Remember that any tool is only as good as the skill of the person who uses it: PHD will teach you an extensive toolkit of techniques. Color: black. Sizes: x-small, small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large.

Price: $21.95 + tax. 

Working Dog Gear


Options for packs are described below. Packs are handmade from durable, machine washable, water-resistant Denier canvas fabric. Coordinating floor mats are also described below. 

Colors available for packs and floor mats are: red, turquoise, dark blue, hunter green, rust brown, and magenta.  A custom color may be ordered ($15 extra per order): please contact PHD by email. Patches are sold separately and are described below. A custom pack size may be ordered upon request ($15 extra per pack): please email measurements to PHD. 


  • Extra Small:  12" long x 6" wide

  • Small: 14" long x 8.5" wide

  • Medium:  18" long x 8.5" wide

  • Large: 18.5" long x 11" wide

  • X Large: 22.25" long x 11.25" wide

  • XX Large: 24" long x 11.25" wide


This pack has no metal zippers, pockets or metal clips and so does not need to be removed when going through TSA checkpoints. Minimum of two patches (sold separately, one per side panel) are required for Service Dog and Emotional Support Dog Teams. Colors are described above. Patches are sold separately and described below.

Price: $39.95 + tax



This pack has two large zippered side pockets. Minimum of two patches (one per side panel, sold separately) are required for Service Dog and Emotional Support Dog Teams. Colors are described above.  Patches are sold separately and  described below.

Price: $59.95 + tax



This pack is recommended for mobility-assist dogs. It has two heavy-duty handles sewn on during manufacture (one at each end). The pack has three straps to secure it comfortably to the dog and to distribute weight put on handles and/or mobility strap.  The pack has attachments at each end for a soft mobility strap (strap is $14.95 and sold separately). Saddlebags ($25 and sold separately) may be added if ordered at the same time as the pack (saddlebag attachments are sewn on during manufacture of the pack). This pack has no pockets. Colors are described above. Patches are sold separately and described below.  

Price: $79.95 + tax


Patches must be sewn on the working dog pack during manufacture ($5.95 + tax per patch). The patches shown in this catalog cost $12.95 + tax each. Contact PHD for information about Emotional Support Dog patches (not shown here). Specify patch number and quantity when ordering your pack. Also specify where you want the patch sewn: for example, centered on side panel of vest or centered on top panel of vest. 






This comfortable floor mat is made from the same fabric as the working dog pack. It is essential gear for PHD Service Dog and Emotional Support Dog training students. Th mat provides comfort to your working dog on warm or cold floors where the dog will sit or lie for extended periods of time. The mat has an insulated layer between the two layers of Denier fabric. Specify color when ordering. Size is 24" x 35": a custom size may be ordered for $10 extra (describe to PHD by email). 

Price: $39.95 + tax.


This soft strap can be combined with the Deluxe Pack. Price: $14.95 + tax. It facilitates the dog doing counter-balancing and other mobility-assistance tasks, such as assisting a person to rise from a seated or lying down position. 


While not required by law, the PHD Working Dog ID Card is a helpful form of quick identification and documentation of training that offers peace of mind and easy navigation of public access challenges. Email pictures (head and shoulders only) of the working dog. Pictures must be taken against a neutral (white or off-white) background. Arrangements can be made with your instructor to  take pictures during session. ID cards are available for the following types of dogs that have been trained by PHD or an Affiliate Instructor: 1) fully-trained Service Dog, 2) Service Dog in-Training, 3) fully-trained Emotional Support Dog, 4) Emotional Support Dog in-Training, 5) fully-trained Therapy Dog, 6) Therapy Dog in Training. The ID card is the same size and material as a standard driver's licence and has  a hologram. Price: $29.95 + tax. 












While not required by law, the PHD Working Dog Work/Tasks Card eliminates the need to identify or explain your Service Dog's work or tasks. All information that can legally be asked of you is contained on this ID card and there is a photograph of your dog. The ID card is the same size and material as a standard driver's licence and has a hologram.  Price: $29.95 + tax. 


Patch #1

2" x 6 " (sold in units of 1 patch each). It is recommended to buy 2 patches (1 patch per side pocket of pack)

Patch #2

2" x 6 " (sold in units of 1 patch each). It is recommended to buy 2 patches (1 patch per side pocket of pack)

Patch #3

3.93" x 1.18 " (sold in units of 1).

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