1. VIDEO: Helping Dogs - Rights and Responsibilities. First, watch the video lecture. Then use the Legal Resources Database to find the laws and policies referenced in the lecture and become familiar with them. Write down questions to ask your instructor during session. 


Helping Dogs - Rights and Responsibilities

Play Video

2. TEXT: Procedures for Public Access Challenges. This resource describes a best practice procedure for navigating situations in which your right to have a Service Dog in public places is questioned. We will role play during session, so become familiar with both the recommended procedure (below). Think about whether or not you as an individual would use all of the steps, under what circumstances, and in what order. Be prepared to discuss. Be prepared to reference laws from the Legal Resources Database.  

Procedure for Public Access Challenges

3.  TEXT: Quiz #1 and Quiz #2. Complete the quizzes below after they are assigned. Email your answers and any questions to your instructor. Many answers can be found on the PHD Legal Resource Database. It is important to pay attention to where you found the answers (note which laws or policies contain the answers), so that you know where to find the information in the future, should you need it. 

Quiz #1: Multiple Choice

Quiz #2: Scenarios

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