PHD OFFERS guided training programs for working dogs like Service Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs and Therapy Dogs. Click here to learn about the differences between these types of dogs. 


A dog that you already have in the home may be a good candidate to learn to work with you. Alternately, PHD can help you find a dog who is a good candidate. Many dogs find working to be fun and rewarding: both you and your dog could benefit greatly from a working relationship. 

PHD will train your dog specifically for your needs. At the same time, PHD will train you to work with your dog and maintain the training taught. PHD human education includes instruction of the rights and responsibilities of working dog lifestyle as well as specific skills and training techniques.


Sessions start in the client's home. Later sessions will be held in places where your dog will practice working under the instructor's supervision.  

PHD's training agreement requires that students and graduates conduct themselves in respectful, professional and safe manners. PHD tracks and documents each student's progress in a standardized curriculum that is specific to the skillset and socialization needed by the type of working dog being trained. Call PHD to learn more about the graduation requirements for our Service Dog, Therapy Dog or Emotional Support Dog programs.


  • COST. Buying a pre-trained working dog can cost more than you may be able to afford.  Waiting lists for donation can be long. Pre-trained dogs generally need regular training tune-ups, during which time you may be separated from your dog. If you don't know how to maintain and tune-up the training yourself, you could experience behavioral problems in the dog. 

  • INDIVIDUALIZED TRAINING. With a PHD guided training program, you are involved in every step of the process, learning hands-on from your instructor. Your dog is trained just for what you need: nothing more, nothing less. You are taught the skills to maintain the training. 

  • A LIFETIME OF BENEFITS. When your working dog becomes elderly or ill, you have the skills and knowledge to responsibly train another dog of the same type just for yourself. 


VIDEO CALL & IN-PERSON INSTRUCTION OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE:  CONTACT US TO  INQUIRE ABOUT TUITION RATES  AND TO ARRANGE AN INITIAL CONSULTATION Your initial consultation includes an estimate of training program length. Total program cost corresponds to program length, with some teams graduating in more or less time. progress reports are given throughout. Rate of progress through the curriculum depends on the age of your dog, temperament, prior socialization, the type of work to learn including the number and difficulty of tasks (in the case of Service Dogs), and the dedicated practice of the dog's Handler between sessions. 



Click here for a partial directory of Service Dog Program graduates in Good Standing.

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