Pets and Helping Dogs (PHD) has programs for: 


We serve Alamogordo NM,  Las Cruces NM and surrounding areas for in-person instruction. 

We have video call sessions for clients outside of our in-person service area, or for those who prefer this format.


Check out our client resource center, the Learning Portal !


1. Prevent and treat problematic behaviors in dogs through socialization, training, and a focus on human education. 

2. Provide effective and ethical instruction that is individualized to the needs of the human and canine learners. 

3. Help keep dogs in loving homes by teaching healthy in-home structure that replaces undesirable behaviors with alternatives that facilitate a mutually respectful and fulfilling relationship between dogs and their humans. 

4. Provide high-quality, ethical instruction to people wishing to responsibly train a Service Dog, Emotional Support Dog or Therapy Dog for their own use. 

5. Advocate for the responsible and humane care of and training of dogs.


6. Advocate for appropriate laws, policies and regulations affecting helping dogs, including Service Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs, and Therapy Dogs.