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Do you have questions to ask, or would you like to become a client? Please fill out a request for contact form. We will respond to your questions about services and scheduling availability via email or phone call.


Service Dog, Therapy Dog, and Emotional Support Dog Programs

PET DOG SERVICES (in alphabetical order)

Teaching or Evaluation of an AKC Skillset 

  • AKC skillsets can be taught during Individualized Sessions or during a Small Group Class.

  • Official evaluation of a learner's AKC skillset by a PHD AKC Approved CGC Evaluator for title or certificate (as applicable) is scheduled for one hour per evaluation. Some evaluations (i.e. Trick Dog) can be administered by videocall upon request. Otherwise, evaluations are done in person in Alamogordo NM.

  • Skillsets taught or evaluated are: STAR Puppy, Canine Good Citizen (CGC), CGC Community Canine, CGC Urban Canine, and Trick Dog.

  • Dogs of any breed and mixed breed dogs are all eligible to learn the skills and take the test.

Individualized Session 

These sessions are individualized to the client and can be arranged for many needs including: individualized training goals, behavioral rehab, socialization, obedience skills, teaching and practicing AKC skillsets, etc. These sessions are typically individual sessions, unless small group work is connected with the client's needs or goals. They may be scheduled for IN PERSON work at variety of locations in Alamogordo NM, including at the client's home after an initial in-home session has taken place.  VIDEOCALL FORMAT  is  available for clients in any location. 

  • IN PERSON sessions are 1 hour each. 

  • VIDEOCALL sessions are typically 1 hour each. Alternatively, the length of 30 min. is available upon request. 

In-Home Session 

The first in-home session is typically 2 hours long and follow up sessions are typically 1 hour each.  

Professional Consultation

Consultation sessions for professional dog trainers or aspiring professionals are scheduled for in-person or videocall work in increments of one hour per session. Scope includes: case consultation, professional skillset development, and continuing education topics. 

Small Group Class (offered as available at a discounted bundle price)

Each class consists of four sessions of one hour long each that are taught in sequence.  These four sessions are sold as a bundle (a "class") at a discounted tuition rate of $149.95 per class. Class content typically focuses on an AKC skillset (these are practical skills applicable to many situations and dogs)STAR Puppy, Canine Good Citizen (CGC), CGC Community Canine, CGC Urban Canine, or Trick Dog. There are no make up sessions if a client misses a session, due to the group format and discounted tuition rate. Small group size is 2-4 student dogs. A deposit of $50 is needed to reserve a spot on a class roster. See descriptions of Pet Programs here.  At the end of a class, recommendations are made to either continue training or test for an AKC skillset.

Seminar-Style Instruction

Seminar is defined as reserving 3 or more hours of service to take place over a 1 or 2 day period in Alamogordo, NM. A non-refundable deposit of half of the total tuition amount is required to confirm your reservation. The remainder of the tuition is due at or before the first session of seminar. Email PHD to explore scheduling options. 


  • HOURLY RATE OF SERVICE:  $79.95 + tax.

  • MONTHLY TUITION PROGRAM: discounted rate per hour (see details below).  

  • SLIDING SCALE: Contact us if your financial situation prevents you from scheduling services: we have a limited number of sliding scale roster spots, which we offer as we are able in service to our community.

  • There is a travel fee for session locations outside of Alamogordo, NM. This is described on the Training Agreement document.



There are two scheduling options to choose from:

A) session-by-session (the client submits booking requests as needed/desired)

B) monthly tuition (offered as available and this is the only option for Helping Dog services). 


A: Session by session

Sessions are billed at the regular hourly rate. Clients may not book more than one month in advance. The upcoming month opens for scheduling by these client 10 days before the first day of the month. Session-by-session clients choose from booking options available after the monthly tuition clients have chosen.


B: Monthly tuition


Monthly tuition clients receive priority scheduling. Monthly tuition is billed for a certain number of hours of service per month, at a discounted hourly rate of $73.75 + tax per hour, according to the terms outlined in the Training Agreement document. An active Learning Portal subscription is required. Monthly tuition clients can submit session booking requests up to three months in advance. 

Booking well in advance allows for the best selection of session days/times. Once a monthly tuition statement is sent by email, it is due within 10 days of the date sent. If a monthly tuition statement is not paid by the due date, the client will be automatically be dropped from the monthly tuition roster and any upcoming session bookings will be canceled. There are no refunds for monthly tuition bill already paid or a monthly Learning Portal subscription already paid. 



Pawsitively Transformational Health and Wellness Inc. (PAWS) -- of which Pets and Helping Dogs (PHD) is a Wellness Program -- reserves the right to update rates of service, hours of service, and service availability at its discretion. 

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