Video Call

Sessions are individualized and interactive. They may be scheduled for 30 or 60 minute increments according to the hourly rate of service of the instructor (see below). 

In-Home Training

A first in-home training session is 2 hours long and follow up sessions may be 1-2 hours long, depending on goals, location and client needs/preference.  Sessions are scheduled according to the hourly rate of service of the instructor (see below).

Behavioral Rehab

Sessions scheduled for locations outside of the home are typically 1 hour long. Sessions scheduled for the home environment may be 1-2 hours long depending on goals, location, and client needs/preference. Sessions are scheduled according to the hourly rate of service of the instructor (see below).

Pet Programs

These are six week, small group courses for $149.95 per course. Session length is 1 hour each. Group size is 2-4 student dogs. See descriptions here

Helping Dog Programs

See the program descriptions and client resources including tuition estimates by clicking the link below.




Call or  email PHD with inquiries about instructor availability. Contact us if your financial situation prevents you from scheduling services: when possible we offer  sliding scale rates.  There may be a travel fee for locations outside of Alamogordo, NM. All instructors are supervised by the Lead Instructor, Nathaniel Lukas (see bios/credentials here).

  • LEVEL 1 INSTRUCTORS are actively enrolled in the PHD Apprenticeship Program.  Hourly rate of service is $39.95 per hour

  • LEVEL 2 INSTRUCTORS have graduated from the PHD Apprenticeship Program or have a similar practical background in professional dog training. ​ Rate of service is $49.95 per hour

  • LEVEL 3 INSTRUCTORS have achieved the title of Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge-Assessed (CPDT-KA) or similar professional certification. They have 1-5 years of experience as a professional dog trainer under the scope of services provided by PHD.  Rate of service is $59.95 per hour.

  • LEVEL 4 INSTRUCTORS have achieved the CPDT-KA or similar certification and have over 5 years of experience as a professional dog trainer under the scope of services provided by PHD. Rate of service is $79.95 per hour.




President and Lead Instructor, Pets and Helping Dogs, LLC

Instructor Level 4

AKC Approved CGC Evaluator

Nathaniel Lukas Redekopp has over 8 years of experience in professional dog training. He is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA), is credentialed by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). Nathaniel apprenticed with A Fresh Perspective Dog Training (AFPDT).  Nathaniel has a B.A. in Psychology, a M.A. in Clinical Counseling and is a LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) who specializes in Animal-Assisted Therapy with canines for the treatment of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  He is a National Certified Mental Health Counselor (NCC) and Certified Integrative Mental Health Practitioner (CIMHP). Nathaniel is a PhD graduate of the University of New Mexico in Spanish, and has a background in curriculum design/instruction, civil rights investigation, education and advocacy. 

profile pic, Donald.jpg


Instructor Level 2

AKC Approved CGC Evaluator


Kayla started her career as an animal trainer working with exotic species like giraffe and African lions for 7 years. During this period, she earned an M.A. in Biology and began teaching Zoo Keeping Technology courses at Pikes Peak Community College.


Kayla became a certified dog trainer through the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA-CTP) in 2018 after adopting her first dog with special needs, Mouse.  She left the zoo field to focus on dog training as it is such a passion of hers! 

Pets and Helping Dogs is thrilled to have Kayla as our newest pack member!

chris mcguinness.jpg


Instructor Level 1


Chris brings years of experience working with people and animals. We are excited to have him! Chris' background includes work as a horse trainer, armed forces veteran, and police chief. 


Chris wants our clients to know that he and his canine companion, Gunner, are "enthusiastic to work with you and your best friends (aka dogs)!" 


Remus 5-2022.jpg


herc, 2020.jpg


Therapy Dog Hercules passed away July 2022. He greatly enjoyed car rides and making new friends. He could make anyone fall in love with him.



KHORII (working name Katie)

Service Dog, Therapy Dog, and PHD founding pack member, she passed away January 2022. Khorii's superpower was sharing so much love and healing wherever she went!

2020, 1.jpg



MISSY (Misdemeanor Elliot)

Is greatly missed since her passing in early 2022. She was always eager to participate in socialization exercises and enjoyed longboarding.