Video call can be a great format for many types of dog training, including behavioral rehabilitation. We will help you reach your goals through high quality and personalized instruction delivered to your device with internet access and a camera and microphone. 


After your session is booked, PHD will send you an email with a link to your private video call room. Simply click that link at session time. We recommend signing on 10 minutes early so that you are ready to go at session time.

Your instructor will conduct a thorough assessment and help you identify training goals. You will learn you dog training theory, skills and techniques, as well as behavioral modification interventions chosen specifically for your dog. The instructor will coach you as you try out what you have learned.


Between sessions, students will complete homework assignments using the PHD Learning Portal , which has written and video resources that will help you review what you have learned during session and that will guide you in practice. 


  1. Send PHD an email with three lists: a) the behaviors in your dog that are problematic or could otherwise improve; b) your goals for training; c) the things your dog does well (his or her strengths). 

  2. Send PHD video of: a) and c) above.  You can record your video with your cell phone, for example, and send it by email. Please limit the length of each video to 5 min. or less. Please don't send more than 20 minutes of video per scheduled  session.

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