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The Learning Portal is a resource database for PHD students and grads, Affiliate Instructors, and students of Affiliates. It is your gateway to homework aids, including written and video resources. Portal content is designed to supplement -- not replace -- in-person or video call instruction from PHD or an Affiliate. Some material has a password that will be released to you by your instructor after you have completed the corresponding training session in person or by video call. 


Portal subscription ($9.95 per month) is required for current PHD students, Affiliates, and students of Affiliates (when PHD materials are used for instruction). You can cancel your subscription by emailing  PHD.  That will cancel the subscription within 24 hours of receipt of the email.  No refunds will be given for a billing cycle that has already been billed even if the subscription is cancelled during that cycle. 


  1. Click a Portal  entry button below (choose the one that is appropriate to your enrollment type).

  2. Click "Sign Up." Follow the instructions to submit your log-in information for your new account (email and password). Once you do that, you will be redirected back to the PHD home page. 

  3. Go back to the Learning Portal. Click your Portal entry button below.  You will go to a screen that says "Members only." Click the link there that shows you the available subscription plans. Choose the plan that is appropriate to your enrollment type:  the options are General Plan, Service Dog Plan, and Affiliate Plan. Once you enter your billing information, you will enter the Portal.

  4. Once you are inside your Portal, note that some material has a password to unlock it. Your instructor will give you the passwords when you are ready. 


By entering, the user agrees to the following:  1) the user will not attempt skills or techniques that have not already been taught to them by the PHD trainer or PHD Affiliate Instructor; 2) the user will not teach skills or techniques to others unless the user is a PHD Affiliate Instructor or Affiliate Instructor-in-Training; 3)  the user will not share portal content with non-subscribers; 4) all content will be considered copyrighted by PHD and/or Nathaniel Lukas Redekopp and considered to be the property of PHD and/or Nathaniel Lukas Redekopp, unless otherwise described; 5) the user will not use content, skills and/or techniques contrary to instruction; 6)  the user agrees to be responsible for the behavior of his/her/their dog at all times, even if someone else is handling the dog; 7) the user agrees that PHD is not liable for unwanted results, injury, or loss occurring in the application of training, caused by the dog being trained, and/or caused by the use or misuse of any website content, gear, instruction or equipment sold by PHD. 

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