The Learning Portal is designed to supplement -- not replace -- lessons with your PHD or Affiliate Instructor. Subscription  is recommended for actively enrolled PHD students and is required for Affiliates and students of Affiliates when PHD materials are used for instruction. 


  • General Training & Behavioral Rehab Portal: $9.95

  • Service Dog Portal: $14.95 (includes the General Training & Rehab Portal)

  • Emotional Support Dog (ESD) Portal:  $14.95 (includes the General Training & Rehab Portal)

  • Affiliate Instructor Portal: $19.95 (subscription is by invitation only and includes access to all portals as well as instructor-only content).


  1. Click a Portal  entry button below (choose the one that is appropriate to your enrollment type).

  2. Click "Sign Up." Follow the instructions to submit your log-in information for your new account (email and password). Once you do that, you will be redirected back to the PHD home page. 

  3. Go back to the Learning Portal page. Click your Portal entry button below.  You will go to a screen that says "Members only." Click the link there that shows you the available subscription plans. Choose the plan that is appropriate to your enrollment type:  the options are General Plan, Service Dog Plan, ESD (Emotional Support Dog Plan) and Affiliate Instructor Plan. Once you enter your billing information, you will be able to enter the your Portal.

  4. Once you are inside your Portal, note that some material requires a password. Your instructor will give you the passwords when you are ready. 


Learning Portal subscription is a recurring monthly charge. Subscription can be canceled by emailing PHD: allow 48 hours for processing. No refunds will be given for a monthly charge already billed. Some Portal content is passworded: this is because it corresponds to lessons taught and  passwords will be released to students as their instructor teaches them content in person or by video call session. The subscriber agrees: to not use content to teach others unless under permission of an Affiliate instructor and PHD; to not attempt content/skills/techniques not learned previously from PHD or an Affiliate Instructor in person or by video call; to not share Portal content with non-subscribers; to not use Portal content/skills/techniques contrary to instruction; that Portal content is property of PHD unless otherwise noted by PHD; that PHD is not liable for the behavior of any dog before, during or after instruction (this is the responsibility of the owner); that PHD is not liable for any unwanted results, injury, or loss occurring in the application of training, caused by the dog being trained, and/or caused by the use or misuse of any content, gear, or instruction provided and/or sold by PHD.