Learning portals are resource databases for PHD students, students of PHD Affiliate Instructors, program grads, and PHD Affiliate Instructors (including Instructors-in-Training). Portals are your gateway to written and video materials on a variety of topics specific to your program. They are designed to supplement your in-person instruction by reviewing important skills and techniques taught and often assigned as homework. Program manuals are being transitioned to the Learning Portals: sections will be posted as current students are ready for them. Please email PHD  to request portal content. Learning Portals are always growing!

The monthly Learning Portal subscription is $9.95 + tax and that includes access to all content that is appropriate to your enrollment or past enrollment level. You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing PHD. Subscription is required for current PHD students, students of PHD Affiliate Instructors, and students of PHD Affiliate Instructors-in-Training. Portal subscription is optional but recommended for program graduates.  

To set up your Learning Portal subscription, follow the instructions below. Once you have completed setup, just click on the link below for portal entry.



  1. Click the link below to access the portal entry area. You will be prompted for your email address, which will be sent to the site administrator for approval  (he checks new requests once daily).

  2. Once you have received the approval email, enter the Portal area again (using the link below). You will be notified that a subscription plan is necessary to proceed. Click "view plans" and choose the one that is appropriate to your program. Only enrolled Instructors-in-Training and Affiliates will be approved for the Affiliate Plan.  Only enrolled Service Dog students will be approved for the Service Dog Plan. General training and canine behavioral rehab students should choose the General Plan. Subscribe to a plan by entering your information on the secure form. 

  3. Return to the portal entry area (link is below) and log on to your portal.


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