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Pets and Helping Dogs (PHD) is a Wellness Program of Pawsitively Transformational Health and Wellness, Inc. PHD offers guided training for helping dogs like Service Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs and Therapy Dogs. Guided training means that the client (human) and dog work with a professional dog trainer to train the client's dog. The dog lives with the client and the client completes homework in between sessions using the Learning Portal


In addition to providing human and canine instruction, PHD tracks and documents progress in a curriculum that is individualized to the skillset needed by the client. The client receives education on relevant laws and policies, on dog training best practices, and also gets a robust documentation packet upon graduation. 

A dog that you already love and have in your home may be a good candidate to learn to work for you. Alternately, PHD can assist you in your search for a dog who is a good candidate. Many dogs find working to be fun and rewarding: both you and your dog could benefit greatly from a working relationship! 


  • COST. Buying a pre-trained working dog can cost more than you can afford.  Waiting lists for donation of a trained dog can be long. Pre-trained dogs generally need regular training tune-ups, during which time you may be separated from your dog. If you don't know how to maintain the training yourself, your dog could experience behavioral problems that could prevent him or her from continuing to work for you. 

  • INDIVIDUALIZED TRAINING. With a PHD guided training program, you are involved in every step of the process, learning hands-on from a professional dog trainer. Your dog is trained just for what you need: nothing more, nothing less. You are taught skills to maintain the training. 

  • A LIFETIME OF BENEFITS. When your working dog becomes elderly or ill, you have the skills and knowledge to responsibly train another working dog of the same type just for yourself. 


1. Read about differences between Service Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs, and Therapy Dogs (below).

2. Check out our New Client Resource Page where you will find program descriptions and tuition estimates.



Click here to view a partial directory of PHD Service Dog Program graduates in Good Standing. Some of them have volunteered to share their contact info if you would like to ask them questions about their experiences working with PHD. 

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