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Welcome to Helping Dog Programs!


We're pawsitively excited you're here! Below are resources for new or prospective clients.


Are you considering Emotional Support Dog, Service Dog, or Therapy Dog training ?


A good canine candidate for our working dog programs is a dog who knows general obedience cues, is well-socialized, and is fundamentally curious about new places, people and experiences. While our programs provide education in each of these areas, you can get ahead by starting your preparations now.  Work with this helpful socialization checklist whether your dog is a pup or older. Start with easy pet friendly environments and give your dog as many positive experiences as possible. Work on basic obedience cues and loose-lead walking skills first in areas with low stimulation levels, then later amidst distractions.

Below is a document with frequently asked questions about Therapy Dog training. It has readiness quizzes for dog and handler. 

Below is a template letter for documentation of need for an Emotional Support Dog. You must have this or a similar document signed by your healthcare professional in order to start our Emotional Support Dog program. 

Below is detailed information about our Emotional Support Dog and Service Dog Programs. Email us for more information about our Therapy Dog Program



1) Read all of the information on this page. Review the Helping Dog Programs overview page. 

2) Read, complete and discuss our family inventory with your pack.  Read the appropriate program estimate document (below). 

3) Identify the dog who will be your helping dog-in-training. You may apply for admission with a dog you already have or a dog that you have identified for adoption or purchase.  If you are searching for a dog, read the dog selection document (you can print copies to use in your process). PHD highly recommends that you schedule one or more dog selection / evaluation sessions with us as you search. 

4) Apply for admission. Here's how to do it:

email PHD ( to request the admissions forms, which are sent electronically. Sometimes there is a waiting list for enrollment. Once a client's admissions forms have been received and approved (notification is sent by email), the client will have a spot reserved on the waiting list, if a waiting list exists. Enrollment will occur as soon as a spot on the roster opens. Please email PHD when you have submitted your admission application to let us know it is ready for review. 


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