We're pawsitively excited you're here!

Instructions are below to help you get started. Please email us if you have any questions.


1) Read, complete and discuss with family members the family inventory document. You may print it. Bringing a Service Dog in-Training into your home is a big decision. Appropriate  in-home structure is key to canine success.

2) Identify the dog who will be your Service Dog in-Training. You may apply for admission with a dog you already have or a dog that you have identified for adoption or purchase. The client and PHD must both agree on the dog who will receive Service Dog training, and this is documented by PHD in the admissions decision email.

3) If you do not already have a dog, you will need to locate an appropriate canine candidate for Service Dog training.  If you are searching for a dog, read the dog selection document and print copies to use in your process. PHD highly recommends that you schedule one or more dog selection and/or evaluation sessions with us as you search.  These sessions are billed at the standard rate of service applicable and may be conducted in person or by video call. Rates of service are found here


1) Review the Service Dog Program overview page. 

2) Review the Service Dog Program Estimate document.

3) Apply for admission. Email PHD ( to request the admissions forms, which are sent electronically. Note that there may be a waiting list for enrollment. Once a client's application has been received and approved, the client will have a spot reserved on the waiting list, if a waiting list exists. Please email PHD when you have submitted your application to let us know it is ready for review. We will contact you within 10 days of receipt of your email.


4) If there is no waiting list -- or once a client is at or near the top of the waiting list --  PHD will email instructions on how to complete and submit new client documents. Enrollment is finalized by submission of these documents. The client and PHD will agree upon a training schedule. Session will begin according to the weekly or every-other-week schedule agreed upon by the client and PHD at the start of the program.