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Are you considering Emotional Support Dog, Service Dog, or Therapy Dog training ?


A good canine candidate for our helping dog programs is a dog who knows general obedience cues, is well-socialized, and is fundamentally curious about new places, people and experiences. Does your dog need help in these areas? Our programs can provide this foundation.


Please review the document below and contact us with any questions.  



If you would like a letter of documentation of need for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA), the evaluation of need is provided under our mental health therapy services. Typically, healthcare insurance can be used to pay for session(s) to evaluate need.  A list of insurances accepted is here. If appropriate need is documented, letter writing services are $40 + tax per letter and the letter will be posted for you in electronic format in our HIPAA-compliant client portal, where you can download it and make as many copies as needed. 

Please note:

  • You will be asked identify the animal that you wish to be your ESA. If a letter is provided, it will contain information specific to this animal.

  • If you have a dog that you wish to use as an ESD, a letter of documentation will not be provided -- even if appropriate need is established -- unless the dog has graduated from the Pets and Helping Dogs ESD Program. If you believe that your dog already has an appropriate skillset and you wish to test out of the program requirement, you may schedule a 2 hour assessment session at the hourly rate of service. If your dog passes, you do not need to complete the ESD Program. 

Please review the document below. 






Please review the documents below and contact us with any questions.  




  1. Read all of the appropriate information on this page.

  2. Read the Helping Dog Programs overview page. 

  3. Identify the dog who will be your helping dog-in-training. You may apply for admission with a dog you already have in your home or a dog that you have identified for adoption or purchase.  If you are searching for a dog, we highly recommend that you schedule at least one dog selection session with us as you search for a dog. Contact us with any questions about scheduling. 

  4. Submit all three new client forms.

  5. Request admission by sending an email. In this email, identify which program you are applying to (Service Dog, Emotional Support Dog, or Therapy Dog).​ We will contact you with next steps. Please contact us with any questions.

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