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"The dogs are doing great! Your training has been so, so helpful. The difficulties we've had in the past are resolved -- they aren't fighting over beds, they aren't having accidents, barking isn't a problem...Thank you so much!"

                                    - Janet F. 

"The highlight of the program is the gentle and loving bond...[taught] with our best friend that leads to amazing results."

                                  - Anonymous

"We understand exactly how to handle our dog. You are sensitive to a dog's needs and each program / training is individualized / personalized and focused to help make dog and owner understand each other. You let the dog learn at its own pace and never rush the results. Happy Dog makes Happy Dog Parents :)"

                                   - Anonymous

"The program/paperwork aspect is your super strength...  I always know where we're at training at any given point because you have kept proper track."

                                 - Anonymous

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