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  1. TEXT on how to prepare for your airport & shuttle session. Most teams need to do this environment more than once with the instructor.

  2. VIDEO on procedure for navigating the TSA checkpoint with your Service Dog.

  3.  TEXT on how to fill out ACAA (Airline Carrier Access Act) form(s) before you fly for real (after graduation). 

This video has been deleted.

2. Navigating the TSA Checkpoint 

3. ACAA Form(s) and Instructions

  • First go to the PHD Legal Resources Database.  Look under the heading of "AIR TRAVEL." The first link below that heading is the "Service Animal Training and Behavior Attestation Form." Download this fillable form and complete it.  Next to the field "Name of Animal Trainer or Training Organization" write: "self trained / Pets and Helping Dogs." Please note that PHD will only attest to the training level of program graduates who maintain current registration with PHD. Registration is current for one year following graduation. After that, it must be renewed yearly and this process is described in the catalog

  • If one or more of your flights will last longer than 8 hours, you will need to complete the "Service Animal Relief Attestation Form" and this is the second item under the heading of "AIR TRAVEL" in the PHD Legal Resources Database. 

  • Now you need to submit your Attestation Form(s). Generally, this must be done according to the individual airline's instructions, at least 48 hours before your flight.  To understand your airline's process and rules for submission, read the individual airline's Service Animal Policy. Many of these policies are located on the PHD Legal Resources Database. If there is not one listed that you are looking for, please email PHD and we will find it and post it for you. Alternatively, you can go to the website of your airline and look up the Service Animal policy. 

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