Problematic behaviors are best addressed in context.  Our interactive and individualized sessions begin with in-home work with in-person training or video call instruction. After in-home goals are achieved, instruction may continue in other contexts as appropriate and desired. PHD has specially-trained teacher dogs who may be part of lessons taught outside of the client's home.  In-person sessions may be individual or small group, depending on the learning objectives. All sessions are interactive and emphasize hands-on learning for our human clients.  


PHD will help you to identify healthy alternative behaviors to replace problematic ones, and will guide your dog towards achieving this gently and effectively.


BEHAVIORS REHABILITATED INCLUDE:  separation anxiety; incessant barking, reactivity to dogs, humans or other animals;  mouthing, nipping and/or biting; jumping up or tripping people; pulling and/or lunging on the walk; inappropriate chewing or digging; resource guarding and/or other types of possessive behavior; in-fighting in the pack; inappropriate play behaviors; inattentiveness and selective obedience; fearful or aggressive behaviors; and hyperactivity. 


  • In-person Instruction occurring in Alamogordo, NM: $59.95 + tax per hour

  • Video call session: $59.95 + tax per hour

  • In-person Instruction occurring outside of Alamogordo, NM: $79.95 + tax per hour (due to the instructor’s travel costs)


For in-person training, the length of the first in-home session is 2 hours. Follow up in-person, in-home sessions may be 1 hour or 2 hours in length, depending on the learning objectives and needs of the clients (human and dog).

The needs of some clients are met with a single in-person, in-home session of 2 hours.  Subscription to the PHD Learning Portal is encouraged. Other clients schedule one or more follow up sessions to occur either in-person or by video call. Rate of progress through the curriculum depends on the age of your dog, temperament, prior socialization, and your practice between sessions. PHD instruction focuses on teaching humans and dogs together in relationship.