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1. Recorded lecture on Proactive Handling: Situational Awareness

2. Recorded lecture on a specific scenario for Situational Awareness: Holidays and Your Dog

3. Reading on Level of Excitement. 

4. Homework assignments.


1. Watch the video: Proactive Handling: Situational Awareness. 


As you watch the recording, think of how you will apply the situational awareness mindset to your practice in between sessions. Think of service dog specific scenarios that you may encounter, and how you would apply skills and knowledge taught in the recorded lecture.

proactive handling 1

proactive handling 1

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2. Watch the video: Holidays and Your Dog. 

As you watch the recording, think of holiday scenarios (for now and the future) that you may encounter with your service dog. How will you plan? How will you apply the knowledge and skills taught here?

This video has been deleted.

3. Read the text: Level of Excitement. 

Dillender, R. and Dillender, H. (2014). PTSD and Service Dogs. Nathaniel Lukas Redekopp, ed. A Fresh Perspective Dog Training. 

As you read, apply the Level of Excitement scale concept to your dog. What is your dog's default LOE? Recall that this is what Nathaniel labels the dog's "idle speed". Think of examples in which you apply a LOE scale number to specific behaviors in your dog. 

4. Complete your homework: 

ASSIGNMENT #1: Self Assessment

ASSIGNMENT #2: Level of Excitement

It is not possible to save the form and come back to it later, so a good strategy is to write or type your answers elsewhere as you work on the form, then fill out the electronic copy all at once when you are ready to submit.

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