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Please don't attempt techniques that your instructor hasn't taught you yet. Have a question? Contact your instructor. 

puppy holding.jpg

How to Hold a Puppy & Holding Drills

Note the following elements of this hold, which promote the puppy feeling comfortable, safe and secure:  a) puppy's spine is in a horizontal alignment; b) puppy's belly is not exposed; c) one hand of the Handler supports under the puppy; and d) the other hand of the Handler is across the puppy's chest and side, holding the puppy in place. 

     Your trainer may assign the skill "steel and cloth - normal position" to help you teach your puppy to relax into the position of this hold and enjoy staying there. Start your holding drills in small increments and work up to spending longer amounts of time with your puppy in this position. Puppies have short attention spans.  It is very important that when you stop the holding exercise,  your puppy is calm and not tense, if even for a few seconds. 

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