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  1. Identify and describe types of helping dogs: service dog, service dog in-training, emotional support dog, and therapy dog.

  2. Define disability according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Verbalize an appropriate understanding of your right to train and utilize a service dog in-training and service dog.

  3. Demonstrate understanding of state and federal laws that apply to helping dogs.

  4. Know how to respond to public access challenges.

  5. Homework:

    1. Quiz 1: multiple choice

    2. Quiz 2: scenarios

    3. Document: Building your documentation.


1. Watch the video: Helping Dogs - Rights and Responsibilities.

Helping Dogs - Rights and Responsibilities

Helping Dogs - Rights and Responsibilities

Play Video

2. Read the text: Procedures for Public Access Challenges. 


This resource describes a best practice procedure for navigating situations in which your right to have a Service Dog in public places is questioned. We will role play during session, so become familiar with the recommended procedure (below). Think about whether or not you as an individual would use all of the steps, under what circumstances, and in what order. Be prepared to discuss and to reference laws from the Legal Resources Database.  

3.  Complete the homework below.


Use the PHD Legal Resource Database. It is important to pay attention to where you found the answers (note which laws or policies contain the answers), so that you know where to find the information in the future, should you need it.  Note that It is not possible to save an assignment document and come back to it later, so a good strategy is to write or type your answers elsewhere as you work on the form, then fill out the electronic copy all at once when you are ready to submit.

ASSIGNMENT #1: Quiz 1 - multiple choice

ASSIGNMENT #2: Quiz 2 - scenarios

3.  Download and complete: Building Your Documentation.  


1) You must save a copy on your device before editing or printing, or your work will be lost. 

2) This form may prompt you for private healthcare information. Emailing it to us is not not HIPAA compliant. We value your privacy. Simply email PHD to notify us that you are ready to submit, and we will send you instructions to submit it through our HIPAA-complaint client portal: you can upload your document there.  

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