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  1. Identify and describe types of helping dogs: service dog, service dog in-training, emotional support dog, and therapy dog.

  2. Define disability according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Verbalize an appropriate understanding of your right to train and utilize a service dog in-training and service dog.

  3. Demonstrate understanding of state and federal laws that apply to helping dogs.

  4. Know how to respond to public access challenges.

  5. Homework:

    1. Quiz 1: multiple choice

    2. Quiz 2: scenarios

    3. Document: Building your documentation.


1. Watch the video: Helping Dogs - Rights and Responsibilities.

Helping Dogs - Rights and Responsibilities

Play Video

2. Read the text: Procedures for Public Access Challenges. 


This resource describes a best practice procedure for navigating situations in which your right to have a Service Dog in public places is questioned. We will role play during session, so become familiar with the recommended procedure (below). Think about whether or not you as an individual would use all of the steps, under what circumstances, and in what order. Be prepared to discuss and to reference laws from the Legal Resources Database.  

3.  Download and complete Quiz #1 and Quiz #2. 

Email them to Use the PHD Legal Resource Database. It is important to pay attention to where you found the answers (note which laws or policies contain the answers), so that you know where to find the information in the future, should you need it.  You must earn 90% or better on each quiz, and may re-take quizzes as needed until you achieve this score.

3.  Download and complete: Building Your Documentation.  

Email your completed document to It will be stored with your other program documentation, which you will receive upon graduation or upon request.

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